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Luxuriously elegant in nature, curtains make a bold statement in any space.

Curtains act as a great insulator - a perfect window furnishings solution to reduce the loss of heating and cooling in a room.


Available in a wide variety of fabrics depending on your decor and budget; the choices are endless. All of our curtains are manufactured with meticulous care and precision by a third-generation Melbourne-based company.

Pavone Pointer

Curtains can be the focal point of your room, create a sense of calmness and are also practical in that they can block out more light and keep in more heat than blinds, making them ideal for bedrooms.⁣⁣ We love using a sheer curtain in a lounge room too as it creates a very luxurious feel.


Sheer, block out or

sheer-lined blockout



S-fold (ripple fold), double pinch or triple pinch pleat, hand-drawn, cord operated, recessed into ceilings, curved or motorised

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