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We provide innovative indoor and outdoor solutions that will elevate your home both functionally and aesthetically within a budget that will always prioritise and include uncompromised quality and service.

Pavone + Co Melbourne Blinds
Pavone + Co Melbourne Curtains
Pavone + Co Melbourne Shutters

Function, Style & Privacy

Versatile and stylish, blinds are perfect for controlling the amount of light that enters a room.

Elegance, Character & Luxury

Curtains can instantly change a room. They are luxuriously elegant in nature and make a bold statement in any space. 

Contemporary, Chic & Homely

Plantation shutters are effortlessly minimalistic and create a fresh ambience that looks beautiful from both the inside and out; instantly adding value and curbside appeal.

Pavone + Co Melbourne Outdoor Shutters Blinds
Pavone + Co Melbourne Interior Design Home Styling

Practicality & Convenience

Outdoor blinds and shutters not only protect you from UV exposure, but they also create shade that allows for more space to be utilised.

Warmth & Personality

Transforming spaces into memorable rooms that tell the story of who you are and what you love.

Create your dream home.
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