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Outdoor blinds and shutters are becoming increasingly popular not only because they protect you from UV exposure, but they also create shade that allows for more space to be utilised.

Outdoor blinds are available in a wide variety of styles depending on your needs and budget - the combinations are endless and custom-made to suit every application. No two projects are the same.


Blockout or sheer



Zipscreen, folding-arm awning, straight-drop awning (options to be crank-operated or automated) and external aluminium venetians

If you’re looking to create an extension of space to your outside area, aluminium external shutters is your answer. They are extremely versatile, elegantly designed and protect you from wind, rain and sun. Not to mention, you can also choose to have them totally closed or opened depending on how you use the space - why not add a spare room to your home!





Fixed, hinged, bi-fold and sliding

Pavone Pointer

If a lack of shade is keeping you from being outside, then we want to change that. No matter your budget or the size of the space, we will find a solution that effortlessly combines durability with an aesthetically pleasing design. We want to ensure your home truly becomes your sanctuary during all seasons and with a little interior design magic used outside, we can help you to design that perfect outdoor space. 

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