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Creating Your Dream Bedroom On A Budget.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Focus on the necessities is the first step in wanting a luxurious bedroom but you want it on a tight budget - Right?! Well here are our answers: First, spend money on high-quality bedding, such as sheets with a high thread count, a stylish quilt cover, chunky textured throws and/or a cosy mattress. Yes, it not only is beautiful but the feeling it gives when you lie in it (ooooohhhhhh)- and most importantly it's crucial for better sleep!

Another way of bringing elegance to a bedroom is in the small details. It can be as simple as adding extra cushions of different shapes, sizes, colours and textures of fabric, placing a thick rug (we love the idea of layering over carpet) otherwise on the sides of your bed (nothing beats the feeling of a plush small rug under barefoot!)

Another simple way is to change your window by adding a full blockout curtain for a dreamy hotel feel (we see a huge trend with

double sheer and blockout curtains) and if your budget allows adding motorisation powered by a lithium battery USB charge. Your bedroom will feel more lux and stylish thanks to some, if not, all of these details.

Lighting can be one of the most affordable ways to create mood in a bedroom. Install dimming switches for ambience. Add some stylish bed side lamps or we absolutely love adding a statement floor lamp for drama (if you have the space for it). Finally, one of our favourites is by adding a beautiful armchair/ottoman to a corner for throwing spare clothes on (which we would never do , ok maybe sometimes) it's versatile - use it for changing your shoes, or you just may want to sit, read, drink vino (no judging here) and reflect on life. This is your opportunity to introduce some colour, don't be afraid to use velvets, patterned or textured fabrics. By adding any of these things, it gives your room a little extra personality and have fun - reflect your style!

And wait there's more..........Other items to consider is a distinctive bedhead, an eye-catching piece of artwork, and/or a statement mirror (we love the idea of floor mirrors leaning against walls as they are not just functional but can make the room appear larger.)

With a little creativity and careful planning, a luxurious bedroom design can be achieved. It may not be all of these things but hey, you need to aspire and have goals! Small steps.....Rome wasn't built in a day but we at Pavone + Co are here to share our expertise, guide you and help bring your vision to life.

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Photography : Timothy Kaye

Interior Design: Mim Design

Double Sheer and Blockout Curtains: Pavone + Co

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