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Hottest Trends in Window Furnishings - Embrace a New Era!!

Let's Discover the Newest Trends in Window Furnishings and in particular we will delve into one trend that everyone wants - will it be the way of the future?

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  1. Minimalist and sleek designs: Clean lines, simple colours and minimalistic styles are currently in demand for window treatments. This trend focuses on enhancing the overall aesthetic of room while maintaining functionality - this trend isn't going anywhere!

  2. Natural and Organic materials: There's a growing preference for window furnishings made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials like bamboo, linen and organic cotton. These materials not only add a touch of nature to your space but they also contribute to a healthier environment.

  3. Light-filtering options: Rather than completely blocking out light, many people are opting for window treatments that allow natural light to filter through. Sheer curtains, light fabrics, and translucent shades provide a soft airy feel to room. With more and more people working from home on a weekly basis, light filtering has never become more important.

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4. Layered Treatments: Combining different type of furnishings such as pairing curtains. with blinds or shutters has become a popular choice. This allows versatility in light control and privacy while adding visual interest to the windows.

5. Motorised and smart treatments : Window furnishings with motorised controls and smart features are gaining popularity. These allow for convenient operation, such as remote control or integration with home automation systems.

This is the one trend which isn't going anywhere so lets delve more into why this trend isn't going anywhere. It will be the way of the future of operating any style of window treatment!

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While you can easily control them with a touch of a button or through voice commands it adds a major convenience to your daily life. This can be particularly useful for hard-to-reach windows where there is lots of full height glass and/or highlight windows.

Let's not forget and one of the most important reasons in our opinion, is people with mobility issues - with these features they no longer have to manually operate them and can confidently and safely operate there window furnishings.

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Smart features also allow you to automate the operation. You can set schedules for your blinds/shades to open and close at specific times.

Do you WFH? Doesn't everyone in some capacity do this.......This can help regulate the amount of natural light entering and can be beneficial for energy efficiency. It can also create a more comfortable living/working environment by controlling glare and heat.

Some motorisation can be integrated with your smart home system allowing you to control them along with other connected devices in your home. for eg: you can program your blinds to open automatically when you wake up in the morning or to close when you leave the house providing an added layer of security and privacy - this can also be done from anywhere across the world!

Simplicity and Effortless: Motorisation and smart features offer convenience, energy efficiency and the ability to customise to fit your lifestyle and preferences - this is not just a trend but a way of the future. We see it being the 'normal' way of operating any style of window furnishings.

Want to know more? Head over to Rollease Acmeda Automation and learn why we partner and are an authorised reseller with the best!

Remember though, trends are just that. You can vary your choice depending on your budget, style and theme of your place....Every home, every window and every person is unique so we always at Pavone + Co will help choose the best style for your needs.

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