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A family with two teenage boys were doing a major renovation on their home and wanted quality window furnishings, help with furniture selection in the lounge/kitchen/dining area.


  • Motorised Blinds were installed.

  • Worked closely with the builder to add concealed recesses for the Roller Blinds.

  • Worked closely with the electrician to find out what depth was needed to conceal the blind when operated; this gave the whole frontage of the house lounge area a completely modern long and wasn't just an add on.

  • Engineered timber floorboards were selected in consultation with the builder. Kitchen was designed with a custom made dining table.  Corian benchtop for durability, sleekness and moderness with a combination of timber veneer and two pack cabinets.  A custom made leather couch was made to maximise use of the space and joinery was all designed by Angela.

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